Canadian real estate feels the love from foreign buyers.

Jan 25, 2016
Foreign investors are snapping up ski chalets and commercial properties in Canada as a drop in the nation's sagging currency in the past two years means their money buys much more.
The bargains are especially attractive in Alberta's resort country, where home prices in the energy heartland have fallen with the price of oil, adding to the 25 percent drop in the value of the Canadian dollar since 2013.
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Mortgage rates expected to remain steady despite recent spree of hikes.

Jan 20, 2016
Bank of Canada's holds key rate steady — but change likely wouldn't have impacted prime rate much anyway Despite a topsy-turvy mortgage landscape that has seen rates go up unexpectedly, don't expect your monthly payments to skyrocket any time soon, economists say.
"I think that mortgage rates will remain relatively stable," CIBC deputy chief economist Benamin Tal told CBC News. "I just don't see anything that will send them up."
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Mortgage deals are going, going, but not gone: Why it may not be time to lock in just yet

Jan 11, 2016
anks have started shaving the discount available on variable rate mortgages, but that doesn't mean it's time to lock in your mortgage just yet. Royal Bank of Canada raised rates across the board last week and part of the shift included a drop in the discounting of its variable mortgage tied to the prime lending rate, which generally tracks the Bank of Canada's overnight rate. What it means is that instead of rates as low as 2.2%, based on a 50-basis-point discount that some banks were giving last year, new customers who opt for a floating-rate product will get a 10-basis-point discount off the current prime rate of 2.7%, which translates to a 2.6% rate. Read full article

Why homeowners and buyers can expect more mortgage rate hikes from the big banks

Jan 7, 2016
Falling government-bond yields are usually good for homeowners in Canada because mortgage rates tend to follow suit. Not this time. Three of Canada’s biggest lenders have raised mortgage rates and more increases are expected as new regulations, a weak economy and higher costs prevent banks from capitalizing on lower borrowing rates in the debt market where they finance their mortgages.
“When you look at the funding picture, it’s getting more expensive for the banks,” Meny Grauman, a financial analyst at Cormark Securities in Toronto, said by phone Wednesday. “We’ve started to see cracks in credit and we know that’s probably going to continue to intensify. If it continues, the same logic that caused the banks to raise will continue to apply.”
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In Liberty Village, here comes the neighbourhood

Jan 2, 2016
As house prices soar, the lure of living downtown leads young families to sacrifice space for Sunday brunches and strolls to work.
When Emily Runions moved to Liberty five years ago, she felt like the only mom in the village. “We would go to the park and you would see the dogs going down the slide more than you would see the kids going down the slide,” said the 30-year-old.”

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